Property Evaluation

The evaluation of a suitable property location is vital in order to achieve an optimised workplace.

The purpose of a property evaluation is to undertake a detailed study and analysis of any would-be constraints to a potential office space. The physical elements of a workplace location can be presented as challenges, but understanding these unique traits in depth can translate them into opportunities.

Property evaluation takes into account not only the immediate needs of your organisation but also those which may develop in the future, making it a necessary initial step in the fitout process.

Through the property evaluation process Axiom Projects ascertains if your workplace meets stringent building regulations as well as your business needs by understanding numerous assessments:

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Functional operation of base building services

  • Condition of floor plates

  • Sustainability advice

  • Dilapidation reports

  • Compliance to DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements

Axiom Projects has extensive knowledge and experience of building types and can provide qualified reports to ensure that you have the ideal foundation for your workspace.