Churn Management

No office environment stays the same for long. Like its business & people, an office environment is constantly evolving.

Churn can be described as the relocation of people within a setting, undertaken in response to changing service delivery and functional requirements. Drivers of churn include:

  • Organisational restructuring

  • New management styles

  • New technology

  • Desire for increased workplace efficiency or

  • Change in work patterns.

The above factors can also be drivers to create a new office environment, however not all organisations are able to conduct such large scale projects, thus choosing more specific areas to redevelop.

Axiom Projects dedicated and highly skilled team are proficient at undertaking small office design projects and fitout modifications for new and existing clients.  Our team don’t believe small should mean low value or substandard work, quite the contrary we commit ourselves on delivering exceptional service and cost effective solutions.

 “70% of our continual work is due to repeat business”, this statistic is testament to our dedicated attention to ongoing service requests from our clients.