Your guide to office space planning

Thursday, 24th September 2015

Your guide to office space planning

Providing your employees with a high-quality work environment can significantly improve their job satisfaction and help them stay healthy, productive and efficient in their role.

We believe great working environments start with office space planning. Before relocating, refurbishing or restructuring your office, it’s important to understand how much space you need and how you’ll use the space to create a functional, flexible and efficient workplace for your employees. Here are five tips to get you started.


Google is renowned for creating shared spaces that allow employees to ‘casually collide’ throughout the day. Its offices are specifically designed for these unplanned collaborations, which encourage employees to spark conversations with people from other areas of the business.

Take a leaf out of Google’s book and consider how you can use shared spaces to enhance creativity and collaboration in your business. This may involve open-plan areas that hold entire teams, or common areas that encourage people to work together and generate new ideas.


Office space planning not only helps you achieve your organisational goals now, but will support your business growth in the future. Consider how many additional staff you’ll need in the future and what their roles will be, as well as what technology you’ll need and how the business will be structured.

Aligning your office space with your organisation goals means you’ll be running a more productive and efficient workplace that will grow and change as the business does.


Not everyone can look at a space and imagine the best place for each piece of furniture, or understand how to make the most of the natural light available. That’s why it’s important to do a ‘test fit’ of your new office space, to make sure the space is suitable for your needs. You may find that you need to lease less space to achieve your goals, or choose different furniture that will provide a more comfortable space for employees to work.

We conduct test fits as part of our feasibility study into your prospective office space, before you sign the lease and move in. That way, you can rest assured that the space fulfils all your criteria before you start packing.


Who better to tell you what’s needed in your new office space, than the people who spend all day in it? What seems like a great idea on paper may not work in a real-life situation, so it’s important to gather feedback from your employees in the planning stages of creating your new office space.

You may choose to distribute an anonymous survey, or enjoy a brainstorm session over morning tea. However you decide to consult your employees, make sure you’re asking the right questions. You’ll need to know what they do and don’t like about their current work environment, what spaces they use most often, which teams they collaborate with on a regular basis and how technology supports their role.


Office space planning should be completed in the early stages of relocating, refurbishing or restructuring your office space. We can develop a detailed report that identifies how you can make the most of the space available, with an estimated cost for completing the project. Your report will take into consideration the work culture, budget, personal and professional aesthetics, equipment needs and future growth plans of your business, with space layouts and floor plans specific to your business.

We conduct office space planning that enhances your work environment and improves business performance. Contact us for a free consultation.