The Work Environment to Encourage Productivity

Wednesday, 26th November 2014

The Work Environment to Encourage Productivity

90% of workers worldwide are less than satisfied with their office environment!

And the main culprit for this dissatisfaction is the employee’s lack of privacy. While most agree open plan offices encourage collaboration and transparency, the flip side is that they can challenge staff who need to focus and crave privacy.

A well designed workplace needs to give employee’s spaces which allow them to concentrate easily, work in teams without being interrupted, choose where to work based on their task and most importantly of all, give the employee a sense of belonging to the company and its culture.  Thus the option of privacy for employees is as important as the collaborative spaces within your office.

The variety of workspaces noted should then be suited to different work styles and tasks to ensure each employee has the necessary locations to do his or her best work.  Researchers have identified 5 ‘work modes’ that office design should service:

·         Focus

·         Collaboration

·         Socialization

·         Learning &

·         Rejuvenation

Such ways to accommodate these modes could be the provision of standing desks, couches or bean bag chairs, private meeting rooms, brainstorming rooms and kitchen/breakout spaces.

In short – individually owned workspaces are getting smaller and have fewer boundaries; however employees still crave privacy and see it as a critical element linked with their productivity. The office must now be looked at as a whole and employers must ensure workers have choice and control over where and how they work, based on tasks or work styles.