The Future Workplace – Design Trends to look for in 2015

Tuesday, 13th January 2015

The Future Workplace – Design Trends to look for in 2015

With the new year upon us, we at Axiom Projects have been wondering what 2015 may bring – particularly when it comes to office trends. Having done our research across industry experts and throwing in some of our own insights, we have developed a list of what we believe will be 2015 most distinct design trends.

Office Design Trends

Collaboration, Communication & Movement:

In 2015 we expect to see the challenge continue against predictable approaches to movement between floors with the aim to create more collaboration and communication among teams and individuals. Movement will be encouraged by creating more spaces to meet, with such meeting space being viewed more essential than desks. Additionally we anticipate that these newly created or re-designed meeting points will need functional tools to assist discussions e.g. writable walls and adaptable projects spaces.

At Axiom Projects we envision that within new workplaces, hospitality and meeting space will be in more visible and central locations of the office. This will harbour the above notions of collaboration, communication and movement between differing teams and different levels of the company.

Where is The Office?

Another trend becoming obvious is the notion that work is now the activity to carry out rather than the location we go to. This comes as a result of the push for work-life balance and the benefits of strong technological infrastructure, allowing employees to work and connect with work from almost any location. As such companies need to address the different needs of its staff and ensure the workplace supports a variety of work styles.

Office Size:

As a result of the above two trends we expect there may be a shift in occupancy metrics as less space may be allocated for individual use in favour of collaborative spaces. Australian leasing agents were already experiencing this shift towards the end of 2014 and only expect to see it continue.


As touched on – Technology will continue to play the key role within the workplace, especially with the expectation of staff to be able to move around the office freely or work from locations outside of the workplace. Solid infrastructure will remain essential for those companies using Wi-Fi and we expect to see more companies leveraging cloud based technology throughout 2015.


When it comes to the aesthetics of the office – we imagine the colour palettes to continue on from trends in 2014 which saw us fusing together organic and natural tones with night contemporary decoration. The natural textures allow bold characteristics such as furniture, light features or artwork to create individuality for the organisation.