Preparing for the future with a workplace strategy

Friday, 6th May 2016

Preparing for the future with a workplace strategy

Developing a plan for the future of your business is critical to its long-term success, but if you’re considering an office relocation or renovation, it can also impact the decisions you make right now.

A smart workplace strategy will consider the needs of your business now and in the future, so you can improve the productivity of employees and work towards your long-term goals in the most effective way possible. Here are five areas to consider when developing a business plan.


Is your business growing?

Most businesses hope to achieve some level of growth within the next decade, with an expansion or change in services offered to customers. To make sure your office space supports this growth, you’ll need to consider how fast your business is likely to grow and whether that means employing new staff or changing the way you work.

Your workplace strategy will take into account the number of new employees you’re likely to hire over this time, what their roles will be and what systems they’ll need to be productive. It will also consider the additional space you’ll need for collaboration, storage, activity based working and more.


Is your business mobile?

The technology in your office should be designed to support a growing workload and allow your staff to stay efficient at their desk or on the go. Moving your business into the cloud can help you reduce business risk and the costs of ageing infrastructure, which will become more important as your business grows and becomes more established.

Technology can also give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere, which may impact the size and layout of your office space, as well as the telecommunication platforms you use. A workplace strategy that considers these technology trends will set you up for success in the future.


Is your business efficient?      

Good office interior design and layout can significantly affect the productivity of your employees and foster a positive workplace culture. In your planning, you’ll need consider how the changes to your business over the coming years will impact your employees and how they work.

You may need more collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, quiet zones and office storage space, as well as functional and flexible workstations. Other areas such as bathrooms and kitchens will need to accommodate a greater number of employees, while dining and breakout spaces should be flexible enough to be used for a range of purposes throughout the day.


Is your office space pleasant?

Designing an office space that’s pleasant to spend time in is an important factor in maintaining a positive workplace culture. Elements including access to natural sunlight, temperature, interior design and layout can affect how your employees feel about their job and the kind of employees that will be attracted to your business in the future.

A workplace strategy will help you understand how your office space is affecting the morale, productivity and efficiency of your employees, so you can resolve any issues now before the culture becomes embedded in your business.


Is your business in the right location?

Your office location is vital to the growth of your business and can impact your ability to attract both staff and customers. When looking at your long-term goals, you’ll need to consider whether it’s best to stay put or move to an area that enhances your business image and supports your needs.

An office relocation is a huge undertaking and needs to be carefully planned around 12-18 months before your lease expires. A workplace strategy will help you understand what you should be looking for in a new office space, so it can support the growth of your business.


How Axiom Projects can help

Our team can support your 10-year business plan with a workplace strategy that helps you prepare for the future, through business strategy, design, layout and planning. We’ll conduct employee surveys to identify what your employees need to function more efficiently, as well as what their aspirations, inspirations and dislikes are. This feedback will help us develop a workplace design that accommodates their needs.

We can also evaluate your accommodation or help you find a new location that supports your long-term goals for the business. During this process, we’ll help you maximise real estate and business expenses, by considering elements such as sustainability, location, technology and layout.


Do you need a workplace strategy to support the long-term growth of your business? Contact us to find out how we can help.