Office interior design trends for 2016

Thursday, 3rd December 2015

Office interior design trends for 2016

Interior design not only improves the visual appeal of your office, but can also enhance the productivity and wellbeing of your staff. If you’re planning to relocate or refurbish your office in 2016, these interior design trends will make a real difference to the performance of your organisation.

Functional workspaces

Next year will be all about making objects and spaces both functional and decorative. Furniture will be integrated with power outlets, Ethernet and USB ports to let staff charge and run their devices from anywhere in the building. Open workspaces will double as a meeting rooms, while beautiful lighting will brighten the room and add a stylish touch.

Combining function with decoration in your interior design means you can reduce clutter and enhance productivity. Look for furniture with ergonomic appeal and flexibility to move with your needs, as well as opportunities to keep staff healthy and active, such as a fruit bowl that doubles as a table centrepiece.

Variation and choice

The most productive and efficient workplaces use interior design to create a sense of community, bringing staff together to work and socialise. The preference for open, collaborative work settings is likely to continue in 2016. However, many organisations now recognise that a single, all-purpose workstation doesn’t address the complex needs of staff in a range of different roles. Workspaces are now being designed to provide settings for different activities, so staff can work in a number of places depending on their daily needs.

There is also a trend towards variation in colours and textures, with materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble combining to create a modern, edgy feel. The lesson? Don’t be afraid to mix and match every aspect of your office to create the effect you desire.

Connecting to nature

It’s no surprise that environmental sustainability is once again on the list of trends for 2016. Not only does it add warmth and authenticity to your office, but it can also contribute significantly to the workplace satisfaction of your staff.

Lighting is one of the most important factors when it comes to staff satisfaction and productivity, so look at how you can maximise sunlight into your office. Sunlight should be controlled and supplemented with artificial light, to optimise building performance and provide a comfortable working environment for staff.

There is also an emphasis on creating natural spaces in unusual places, such as greenery in the bathroom or kitchen. Using real plants not only improves the sustainability of your building, but can improve the wellbeing of your staff. If your office has an outdoor area, make this a haven for staff to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, with a variety of natural elements and textures to ignite their senses and spark creativity.

Quiet spaces

A key 2016 trend known as ‘anti-Facebook’ addresses the fact that people are tired of the over-sharing culture and will be looking for spaces to retreat and reconnect with themselves. This is likely to have an effect in the workplace too, so consider where your staff can go if they’re looking for a space to work quietly, read or relax.

One of the most common complaints in the workplace is around excessive noise. Think about fitting out your office with materials that will reduce the impact of noise on your staff, such as plants and panels that separate different areas of the office without making them inaccessible. Or simply take the ‘anti-Facebook’ approach and separate your office into zones for quiet activity, group discussions and teams that need to collaborate as they work.

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