Office Interior Design Ideas

Monday, 10th October 2016

Office Interior Design Ideas

Your office interior design should not only keep employees engaged, but make the most of your office space. Here are a few of our favourite trends that will set your business apart from the competition and help you take advantage of new ways of working.


Keep it clean and clutter-free

The beauty of wireless devices and working from the cloud means you won’t have to conceal bulky cables, giving your office a clean and modern look. It also enables your employees to work from anywhere in the building and reduces the costs of maintaining ageing infrastructure. Many organisations now install staff lockers, to avoid clutter and make sure employees feel confident about moving around the office without their personal items.


Bring the outdoors inside

Research shows that incorporating greenery into your office can improve productivity by 15% and help employees be more physically, mentally and emotionally involved in their work. Nature is also a simple and affordable way to make your office a relaxing and more enjoyable space to work. The best part? It’s both easy and affordable.

You can also bring nature indoors by creating an office interior design that maximises fresh air and natural light, with well-placed windows and glass walls. Open-plan breakout areas and natural textures, like stone and wood, will also transform your office into an inviting space. Our team can conduct a workplace strategy, which will assess your business, office space and employees, to determine what changes will deliver the best results.


Create flexible workspaces

Flexibility is becoming more important, as technology allows your team to work from anywhere. In your next office refurbishment or refit, consider how you can make the most of the space you have by embracing activity based working, a style of office interior design that allows employees to customise their environment to their individual working style. They may like to transform the dining area into a casual meeting space, or collaborate with other teams in dedicated lounge areas with internet access, to facilitate productivity.

You can also incorporate flexibility into your workplace with height-adjustable workstations, ergonomic chairs and multipurpose booths that get people up and moving throughout the day. Not only can this improve employee satisfaction, retention and wellbeing, it can also create what Pixar calls ‘chance encounters and unplanned interactions’ between people, which improves performance.


Support employees’ health and wellbeing

Wellness rooms and fitness classes are becoming more popular in workplaces around Australia, as organisations recognise the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating. Consider replacing vending machines of chips, sweets and soft drinks, with healthier options such as weekly fresh fruit deliveries and nutritious snacks, which can be regularly delivered to your office.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for muscle strength and flexibility, as well as calming the mind. Many organisations organise weekly yoga classes for staff, or even remedial massages for staff at their desk, to support their health and wellbeing. As well as nurturing activities like yoga and massage, you can shift the culture of your workplace by organising social events that don’t involve alcohol or unhealthy foods, such as hiking, kayaking or a picnic in the park.

Think outside the cubicle

How a workplace looks and feels is just as important as its functionality in engaging your employees. After all, you want them to enjoy the time they spend at work. Industrial design features are rising in popularity, such as exposed brick, reclaimed wood, metals and antique-style furnishings. Combine the rustic look with elegant glass walls and bold pieces to complement the minimalistic design.

While neutral colours are still popular, don’t confuse them for bland whites and greys. The right colour palette will make your office a natural, comfortable space for employees and visitors. Add splashes of bold colour in textiles, furnishings and feature walls, to create a varied and inspiring workplace. A minimalistic office interior design can also support sustainability initiatives, by using recycled and refurbished materials, as well as smart lighting design.


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