Nutrition at Work!

Thursday, 23rd July 2015

Nutrition at Work!

Research has shown that a healthy diet and good nutrition can:

Promote weight management and reduce the risk of obesity

  • Reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer
  • Improve your mood, energy and self-esteem
  • Reduce anxiety and stress

Here are our best workplace snacks and eating tips from our Accredited Practicing Dietician Kate Bennett (from KB Nutrition). 

Breakfast and work

Try including a grain a protein and a piece of fruit to maximise the nutrient potential of your breakfast and give you the best start to the day.
Some great options are:

     ·    Natural yoghurt with ½ - 1 cup of fruit and 1 tablespoon of rolled oats of chia seeds
          (add cinnamon for some sweetness)

     ·    ¼ - ½ cup natural muesli, some natural yoghurt or reduced fat milk and feel free to
          add extra fruit or a sprinkle of nuts and seeds

     ·    1 slice of wholegrain toast with ½ cup baked beans and an apple to top it off

     ·    1 slice of wholegrain toast with a spread of avocado or hummus, a boiled egg and
          an apple to top it off

     ·    Smoothie: 150ml milk + 2 large spoons of natural yoghurt, ½ cup of fruit and some
          chia seeds for additional fibre

Workplace snacks

     ·    Vegetable sticks + vegetable or low fat dip

               o   Any vegetable you like! Carrot, celery, capsicum, beans, snow peas, cucumber,
                    even cherry tomatoes can be used

               o   Hummus, tomato salsa or natural capsicum salsa, low fat tatziki, baba ganoush,
                    beetroot dip  

     ·    Fruit:

               o   1 medium piece of fruit: apple, orange or medium banana

               o   2 smaller pieces of fruit: mandarin, kiwi fruit or peach etc

               o   1 cup fruit salad or berries

    ·    Reduced fat milk coffee (250ml)

    ·    Yoghurt (150-200g)

    ·    30g or palm size of nuts – what fits flat on the palm of your hand

               o   Any unsalted nuts are great and variety is best!

    ·    1 slice of raisin toast

    ·    1 slice of wholegrain or sourdough bread / or 2-4 crackers with toppings

               o   Toppings:

                       Low fat ricotta plus ground cinnamon (add a drizzle of honey for something

                       Low fat ricotta, sliced tomato and pepper

                       Fresh avocado, sliced tomato and pepper

                       Natural peanut butter

                       Vegemite and a thin slice of cheese

    ·   To cure that sweet craving:

               o   3 medjool dates or 3-4 dried dates

               o   Jarrah hot chocolate sachet – Frothy Classic is the best

               o   Frozen yoghurt blocks

               o   1-2 Arnott’s Snack Right Fruit slice or Full’O’Fruit.