IT considerations for your office relocation

Tuesday, 8th December 2015

IT considerations for your office relocation

Your office relocation is the ideal time to review your technology needs and decide whether you need to upgrade your infrastructure or integrate new platforms to support your growing business. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of the top five IT considerations that often get overlooked in the big move.

1. Power and cooling systems

If your business uses powerful computers or a large amount of resources, you’ll need to consider whether your building supplies enough power to meet your technology needs. If you have a communications room, you’ll also need to make sure there’s enough ventilation to keep it cool.

Access points are also an important consideration when assessing the suitability of a new office. Is there enough data and power outlets for workstations, meeting areas and communications rooms? If not, you’ll have to factor in the time and cost of installation within your office relocation strategy.

2. Telecommunications

Whether you’re keeping your communications onsite or moving into the cloud, you’ll need to find out which providers service your new building and make sure they can deliver the voice and data solutions you need. If you’re considering an upgrade, review your phone systems to see if a traditional handset or an IP phone system is best suited to the communication needs of your business.

Don’t forget to arrange the transfer of your business number to your new location and think about how this will be implemented, to help you avoid lost calls during the transfer process.

3. Audiovisual Technology

The right audiovisual equipment can not only enhance communications within your team, but deliver better customer service to clients. Now is a good time to review what you already have and what you may need in the new premises, including LED or short throw projectors, video conferencing systems, wireless lighting controls, whiteboards, smart boards, AV cabling and VGA/HDMI ports.

4. Space

Technology is often overlooked when companies are assessing how much space they’ll need in their new office. Does each workstation provide the space and power that staff need to fulfil their job role? How much space will you require in the building for servers and other communication tools? It’s best to factor in these measurements from the beginning, before the office fitout begins.

5. Security

If security is a high-priority for your business, you’ll need to enquire about the availability of IP-based security systems in your new building. Many security systems are now designed to run on cloud-based IP networks, making it possible to centralise your alarm monitoring, video surveillance and temperature control over the internet.

Our IT experts will work closely with your team during the planning phase of your office relocation, to make sure your technology is seamlessly integrated into the design and fitout of your new office. By carefully assessing your technology needs before the big move, you’ll be able to create a working environment that reduces your IT costs while maximising productivity and efficiency.

If you’d like to chat with our IT expert about technology solutions for your office relocation, contact us today.