Hydration at Work!

Friday, 3rd July 2015

Hydration at Work!

Have you ever calculated your daily fluid requirements? Do you know why hydration is so important for your health?

To calculate your fluid requirements: 30-35ml per kg per day, eg) For a 70kg person: 30 ml x 70kg = 2100ml/day (2.1L)

Most people get 20-30% of their fluid intake from food. Up to 40% if you are one who consumes lots of fruit and vegetables (due to its high water content). That still leaves 60% for most people to be needed from water. Although tea and coffee also count as fluid intake, both of these are diuretics, so you may be losing some of the fluid intake too.

We recommend at least 1-1.5L should be coming from plain water, but the more the better. Remember, if you are a taller or larger person you will need more water and research tells us that adequate fluid intake and hydration is even more important as you get older!


The Benefits of drinking water and maintaining hydration:

Help muscles feel more energised, improve mental alertness and productivity

Help keep your metabolism working at its optimum level

Maintains the balance of fluids in your body

Keeps your skin looking clear and fresh

Promotes, kidney and digestive health


Our tips to help get the most out of your fluid intake:

Space your water intake out evenly over the day. Water is absorbed best when you have small sips. Up to 250-300ml at one hit otherwise you are peeing out the rest.

Leave a glass or bottle of water on your desk or in your bag when travelling to and from work so you always have some handy.

Flavouring your water is ok! Preferably natural flavours such as adding a wedge of lemon, lime or orange for that zesty tang. Or you can try mint and cucumber for a more refreshing taste. Mix it up so you don’t get bored, but any fruit is great! I also like to place a berry into my ice cube holders when making ice which adds flavour when as the ice melts.

Have a glass of water before every meal and feeding time – this can help you eat a little less too!

If you feel the hunger pangs come on and it’s not close to a meal, try having a large glass of water and waiting 15 minutes then see how you feel. Often we mistake thirst for hunger, so having a drink can help alleviate the feeling better.

If you are really struggling to remember to drink more water, set a reminder or task in your calendar to have a glass of water every hour!


Do you often find you get those 3pm hunger calls? This could be easily fixed by having a little more protein earlier in the day! Research has shown that the all so common 3pm sweet craving can be attributed to not having enough protein earlier in the day at breakfast, a morning snack or lunch.

Check out the breakfast and snack tips in one of our next blogs to help you tackle this problem and see if your workplace will keep some fruit in the tea room so if hunger does strike you can reach for a crunchy apple instead of the chocolate bar.