How to optimise your most important business assets

Tuesday, 26th July 2016

How to optimise your most important business assets

People and property are likely to be your two biggest expenses in business, but they’re also your two most important assets. By optimising both, you’ll be improving your workplace culture and your bottom line. We’ve taken a look at how you can optimise your people and property with a workplace strategy.


Happy staff are productive staff

Research shows that happy workers can be up to 12% more productive, while unhappy workers can be 10% less productive. A workplace strategy will provide you with a clear understanding of what areas you need to focus on, to improve your workplace and lift the spirits of your team. Here are some key factors that impact happiness in the workplace.


Workplace layout

Feeling comfortable and organised goes a long way to improving staff satisfaction. Make sure your team have access to ergonomic furniture, adequate desk space and storage, as well as a nice space to enjoy lunch break away from their desk. A fast and reliable IT system will also improve productivity and reduce frustrations caused by slow or unstable hardware or software.


Internal communication

Communicating with your team on a regular basis will help you develop strong, trusted relationships and avoid any issues before they arise. This is particularly important during a big change, such as an office relocation or refurbishment. Good communication will foster a positive workplace culture and ensure your business remains an employer of choice.


Training and workload

As your business evolves, so do your business processes. Providing your staff with the right training will help them feel more confident and allow them to do a better job. You certainly won’t get the most out of over-tired, over-worked, over-stressed staff, so make sure there is adequate time for breaks and enough training and support for staff that may be feeling the pressure.


Recognition and praise

Everyone likes to be recognised and rewarded for working hard. It’s important to make sure your staff feel valued and appreciated for the work they do, so they stay on the right track and help you achieve your business goals. Find out what  motivates your staff and check-in regularly to see how they’re performing, so you can keep staff happy and motivated throughout the year.


More than just an address

An office space that’s designed to meet the needs of your business will allow you to maximise the space you have available, while reducing your real estate costs. These days, office spaces can be creative and inspiring as well as functional. Gone are the days of private executive offices, monochrome colour schemes and high desk partitions that separate teams. A good office design will take advantage of the natural sunlight, floor space and physical features of the building, while also supporting the needs of your staff and business.  

Our team can develop a workplace strategy that optimises your office space. We’ll start with a property evaluation, which considers factors such as the building, location, size and space. The strategy will help you make the most of your floor plan, while considering the immediate and future needs of your business.

We recently conducted a workplace strategy for Vocation, which led to a full refurbishment that made the most of its stunning harbour views. It now features an adaptable breakout space that doubles as a fun collaborative area, with desks and meeting rooms that use glass walls and doors, so staff can take in the views no matter where they sit. It’s now an inspiring place to work and leaves a positive impression on visiting clients.


Are you looking to maximise your people and property with a workplace strategy? Contact us to find out how we can help.