How a workplace strategy helps you find the right property

Thursday, 8th October 2015

How a workplace strategy helps you find the right property

Whether you’re moving offices or simply need to redesign the layout of your current space, a workplace strategy can help you define the kind of workplace environment you need to grow your business and get the most out of your team.


One of the biggest benefits of a workplace strategy is having a clear understanding of the location, style, size, shape and amenities that you require in your property.

This will not only narrow down the options in your search for new real estate and potentially reduce occupancy costs, but also help you stay informed so you know exactly what questions to ask when talking to real estate tenant representatives. It will also help you identify what kind of building will best reflect your brand and overall business strategy, as well as provide tangible benefits such as increasing revenue by fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, with high levels of employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.


Relocating or refurbishing your workplace takes time, effort and planning. Many people dismiss the amount of time a workplace strategy takes to develop and implement, but we believe it’s best to lay a strong foundation before any action is taken.

Once your workplace strategy is complete, you’ll understand exactly what kind of space you’ll need to find or create to get the most out of your team. If you’re finding the property hunt a little tricky, we can refer you to our real estate contacts who act as independent tenant representatives, so you can rest assured they’ll have your best interests in mind. Finding the right property can take longer than expected, but it’s worth taking the time to find real estate that will drive business growth and help your staff stay productive and efficient every day.  

A workplace strategy will not only help you define your real estate needs and guide you through each stage of the process, but will help your project stay on track in terms of both timing and costs. This is particularly useful for companies who don’t have any experience selecting a new office or redesigning their workplace to accommodate a growing team.


Our workplace strategy experts will sit down with you to learn more about your business and dig deep to understand how you’re currently using your office space. This allows us to design a comprehensive strategy that is tailored to your people, processes, operations and objectives.

Axiom’s process of developing a workplace strategy involves:

  • working with senior management to design a workplace vision that solves problems and creates common goals
  • interviewing key staff on how they use the office space and what elements are important to them
  • undertaking  a footprint analysis and time utilisation study, to discover which areas of the office are used most and least
  • ongoing change management to support employees through every stage of the process.

In a recent workplace strategy for Nutrimetics, our team discovered that many of the challenges they faced were based around communication between teams. We defined the ideal specifications of their new real estate and once they leased a space, we transformed it into an open plan office that allows people in different departments to collaborate on projects and spark conversations that lead to new ideas. As a result of the workplace strategy, Nutrimetics has found that its office has become much more communicative and efficient, with more discussion face-to-face rather than via email.

We develop workplace strategies that help you find the right property and achieve your business goals. Contact us for a free consultation.