Get Ready To - Improve Your Workplace Health

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Get Ready To - Improve Your Workplace Health

We at Axiom Projects are excited to announce that we have teamed up with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Accredited Practicing Dietician (APD) to provide you with the best recommendations of how to "Improve Your Workplace Health". This information will come to you via blogs throughout the course of the year with the first instalment on the 18th of March.

The series will share information such as, the best way to set up your workstation to support your body, the benefits of stand up desks, how to increase your incidental exercise at work and what are the best workplace snacks – just to name a few. We are very excited to share these tips with you and gain your feedback on the topics raised.

The best way to hear about them first will be by following our LinkedIn Page – as this is where the blog will initially be posted. There will be emails following the blog release to inform those on our database but these may come sometime later so to hear the news first be sure to chase us up on LinkedIn (to join our mailing list please enter your details at the bottom of the page).

Until the first post on March 18th 2015– here is a teaser to give you an idea of the kind of helpful information we will be sharing. We hope you enjoy the forthcoming posts and should you have any topics you would like more information on, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • - Ensure frequently used items (e.g. telephone, books, and stationery) are close at hand so that you can reach these items without stretching.
  • - If you are someone who uses the phone for more than 15% of your day – consider investing in a headset. Most importantly though, avoid ‘necking’ the telephone if you are using a handheld, as this will strain your neck.
  • - Maintaining the natural curves of the body is critical – not to mention just good posture. When you are at your desk be sure to, maintain a natural and relaxed position, with opportunity for movement. Ensure that from this position you can also move into other comfortable positions.
  • - It is ideal to break up long periods of continuous computer use by performing small tasks/errands, e.g. separate trips to the printer (better yet visit the printer furthest from your desk), getting a cup of tea/coffee or filling up your glass of water.
  • - If you are someone who often works from hard copy documents, invest in a document holder and position it between your keyboard and screen to avoid bending or twisting your neck.