Double Your Productivity Today

Wednesday, 28th January 2015

Double Your Productivity Today

Would you be surprised if I told you that the most productive business people, take more breaks, stress less and experience greater joy and better lives?

The word ‘productivity’ for a long time now has been associated with the notion of working harder and longer – but according to experts this could not be further from the truth. The way you approach your work is the secret to productivity!

So rather than focusing on the latest deadlines or working in a state of chaos management, where half of your time is wasted by chopping and changing tasks  - STOP, BREATHE and lets turn your productivity around today!

Here are the secret steps:

      1.  HALT

Take the first step to becoming truly productive and allocate one day to get yourself organised

      2. LOOK

Study the way you really work. Outline what your typical day looks like, this should include:

·         The time you spend speaking with colleagues

·         When do you accept meetings and phone calls

·         The number of breaks you take per day

·         How often you check your emails

·         And any other activities you carry out

       3. STRATEGISE

Start compartmentalising tasks and create firm boundaries around when are where certain activities can take place.  For example

·        Turn off your email notifications! Instead set two half hour timeslots, one in the
         morning and one in the afternoon to check and answer emails. If something requires
         a longer response or follow up actions then move it to your task list and assign time

·        Allocate time blocks for when meetings can be scheduled – inform your colleagues
         of these time periods and aim to stick to it whenever possible.

·        Plan you breaks. This includes your lunch breaks / coffee breaks / chit chat breaks
         etc. Studies have some that everyone needs a 20 minute ultradian break* approx.
         every 2 hours or productivity plummets.

·        Finally, finish your day by planning your next. Take the last 15 – 30mins of your day to 
         assemble your schedule for tomorrow, meaning you will start the next day on a
         positive note and your time at home will be relaxing (as it should be).  

      4. LISTS

If you don’t actively create lists outlining each of your tasks – then those tasks are on your mind interfering with the task at hand.  By creating lists where you allocate according to importance, your mind is free to be focused and creative.


How efficient is your workspace? Do you spend too much time getting a cup of coffee or a glass of water? Perhaps a solution could be using a water bottle or a thermos. Further is your desk set up to assist with you workflows or hinder them? Take some time to study the areas of your desk you move most and try different set ups to see which harbour the best productivity for you.

By taking a one day today and only half an hour of your afternoon to get organised and prepared you can save yourself and your company several hours in squandered time and effort.

*Ultradian Break – For information regarding Ultradian Breaks and Rhythms visit this website