Does your office design support your company culture?

Wednesday, 18th November 2015

Does your office design support your company culture?

At Axiom Projects, we believe your office space should reflect the culture of your business and bring your brand values to life.

A well-designed office will not only attract and engage employees, but can also encourage knowledge sharing, spark creativity and support the wellbeing of your workforce. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate your company culture into the design of your office space.

Staff Engagement

A Gallup study in 2013 found that an alarming 70% of American employees aren't working to their full potential, with only 30% engaged, enthusiastic about and committed to their workplace.

There are serious implications for companies who don’t engage their staff, not just for their bottom line, but also for staff turnover and the bad culture that can develop within the organisation.

Your office space can engage your team, give them ownership of their workspace and make them proud to work with your company. You may like to showcase your mission statement and values in a creative way, or encourage staff to make themselves at home by posting pictures on the fridge in the kitchen.


If you’re looking to improve collaboration in your workplace, consider an open-plan office with groups of comfortable chairs that encourage teams to solve problems and share ideas. You can also create brainstorming areas in unique places, with whiteboards and other tools to get the creative juices flowing.

Many companies prefer to break down barriers between management and other employees, by giving everyone a similar-sized office space or creating a hot desk arrangement that allows employees to work from anywhere. This can help people start a conversation with those in other teams or at different levels in the organisation.


The technology you use is an important factor in cultivating efficiency in your workplace. It should be seamlessly integrated into your office design, so it not only looks great, but also helps your employees work faster and better.

Consider placing docking stations, touchscreens and power points around your office, to encourage collaboration and allow teams to work in meetings and on the go. Incorporating efficiency into the design of your workplace is more about function than form, so consider what tasks your employees need to complete each day and what tools they need to perform at their best.

Customer Service

If your clients visit your workplace, you’ll need to ensure it’s designed in a way that reflects your brand identity and values. If there’s a disconnect between your brand and your office space—for example, an innovative tech company housed in a traditional serviced office—it can impact the way your clients perceive your company and the quality of your products or services.

Most offices benefit from plenty of natural light and colours that will relax and rejuvenate their team and customers. In our workplace design, we will consider how your reception area and meeting rooms set the tone for your interactions with clients, then design them in a way that improves your business relationships.


Communication is one of the most important elements of a productive and efficient workplace, yet many companies don’t consider how the design and layout of their office will impact the way their staff communicate with each other, between teams and with customers.

At Axiom Projects, we can work closely with you to determine how your teams work together and what level of communication is required in their role. A creative business that encourages employees to spark casual conversations with one another may choose to have an open-plan office, while companies that require confidentiality and privacy may benefit from closed spaces. Kitchens and dining areas are also places where people tend to congregate and chat, so it’s important to consider how you can enhance the way people communicate in these areas. 


Every aspect of your office space should motivate employees to work hard and achieve great things for your company. When designing your workplace, we don’t make assumptions based on the industry you’re in or where you’re located. We interview staff and study their workplace behaviour, to make sure the office space we design is tailored to their needs and improves productivity.

For example, you may find that creating a quiet space for people to recharge will help them focus on difficult tasks for longer periods of time, while more natural light will make them feel calmer and more inspired to work.

Looking to reflect your business culture in your office space? Contact us to find out more about our workplace strategy and interior design solutions.