5 Trends Influencing Workplace Design

Wednesday, 15th April 2015

5 Trends Influencing Workplace Design

#1 – Employee Engagement

If your employees are engaged you have employees who are emotionally invested and focused on creating value for your business. 
The top ways an organisation can increase employee engagement is by acting as a communication tool that assists in celebrating individual or team success, broadcasts goals and objectives and provides the right spaces for collaboration or focused work.

#2 – Flexible Work

Allowing employees to work when, where and how they choose (generally) gets a positive response. Further depending on the person, flexibility may not mean working from home, but simply standing while they work, or sitting outside. 
Giving employees the opportunity to be flexible to either fit in their family / outside obligations or to work in a style different to those around them, can both boost their engagement and satisfaction at work.

#3 – Lighting Matters

Not only can workplace lighting impact absenteeism and productivity but it can also have a profound effect on a person’s well-being. The presence of ample daylight, as well as opportunity for contact with nature, sensory change and variability, can all enhance one’s well-being on a daily basis.
Further, improved workplace lighting from both natural light and artificial light can be linked with a 15% reduction in staff absenteeism within a company, as well as reported benefits to increase productivity.

#4 – Change Management

When bringing about office change, now more than ever an effective change management plan is necessary. In fact a study out of America shows that workplace projects with effective change management components are 6x more likely to meet their objectives. 
So when you next think about bringing big change to your office – take buy in from your employees and then spend the time to educate them and help them adjust to new systems and processes. The better they understand the space and technology around them, the more they will get out of it.

#5 – It’s all about People

This is the biggest trend. The focus is no longer on the building and the product or technology inside it – but about the people within the company! How can an organisation keep the people happy, engaged and operating at optimum productivity? 
Workplace design and strategy must first take the people of the business into account before making plans relating to the physical surrounds. Exploratory surveys and needs analysis with your staff as well as management is now one of the most crucial first steps prior to changing your office space.

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