5 Things Great Corporate Interior Design Companies Do

Sunday, 19th February 2017

5 Things Great Corporate Interior Design Companies Do

Interior design is more than decorating. It’s about understanding the behaviour of people in your company and creating functional spaces that meet their needs. Great corporate interior design companies understand that your office is a business tool to help you build brand awareness, foster a positive company culture and drive productivity across the organisation.

Choosing a design team to undertake an office interior design project can be daunting. We’ve put together some common traits of great corporate interior design companies, so you can make the right choice and ensure your new office reaches its full potential.


They focus on the big picture

A great corporate interior design company will focus on the big picture as much as the finer details. Your design team will take the time to understand the problems with your current office space, as well as what’s working well. They’ll also look at your business performance and talk to you about how you want the business to look in five, 10 and even 15 years time.

Engineering is critical to office interior design, which is why your design team will also consider your infrastructure needs, whether it’s visitor bathrooms for retail spaces, or sterile environments for medical offices. Once they understand the problem and your specific requirements, they can develop a solution.


2. They start with strategy

Like any good business decision, your interior design team needs to make decisions based on facts, not assumptions. That’s why it’s so important to start your project with a workplace strategy. It allows you to align your work processes with your physical environment, so your company operates at peak performance.

The insights from your workplace strategy will give your design team all the information they need to create a design that supports business growth, adapts to market trends and meets the needs of current and future employees.


They ask the right questions

A good interior design team will work hard to understand your company and what business goals you’re looking to achieve, before they start the creative process. Here are a few questions they’re likely to ask during the discovery phase.


Who are you?

This information helps your design team understand what your company does, what its values are and vision for the future. It will ensure these elements are considered when developing the design.


Who do you work with?

Understanding which people and teams interact on a regular basis will help your design team work out the best layout for your office and which spaces will best suit the needs of each team.


How do you work?

Understanding how your employees spend their time in a typical day will determine their physical and technology needs.


How do you collaborate?

Your design team will need to know how your employees work together, so they can determine how many collaboration spaces are needed, who will use them and how they’ll be used. You may find your company needs a combination of meeting rooms, conference rooms and quiet spaces.


How do you socialise?

How and where your staff interact and spend their break time is just as important as how they work. By understanding how your team socialise, your design team can create a space that improves your company culture and nurtures relationships with and between employees.


They think outside the square

Your interior design team will be aware of the latest trends and changes to the industry, such as new materials or technology on the market. They’ll identify which elements will work well in your project and embrace creativity in your office design, so your office is both fresh and imaginative.


They create unique designs

Just as no two businesses are exactly the same, no two offices should be designed in the same way. A great corporate interior design company will create an inspiring office space that your employees enjoy spending time in each day.

In addition to the needs of your business and your people, a great interior design team will also take into consideration the aesthetic and functional aspects of your office space. Room size, ceiling height, temperature, natural light, elevator locations and other elements are unique to your building and therefore requires a unique interior design.


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