5 factors that influence office productivity

Tuesday, 10th November 2015

5 factors that influence office productivity

While office productivity is generally at the top of any company’s wish list, not many executives realise that the most important factors influencing productivity are often outside the control of their employees.

Here are five factors your management team should consider, to get the most out of your employees.

1. Office Design

Research shows that there is a direct relationship between office design and productivity. It also plays an important role in employee job satisfaction and organisational performance. In one US study, 89 percent of participants blamed their working environment for their job dissatisfaction, while another study found that improving the physical office environment could improve productivity by up to 22 percent.

A well-designed office can also enhance knowledge sharing among employees, which boosts productivity and can reduce the costs of doing business.

2. Management Style

It’s not surprising to learn that good management is strongly linked to good performance. According to a global Stanford University study, improving management practice is associated with an increase in productivity and output—as much as a 25 percent increase in labour or a 65 percent increase in invested capital.

However, it’s interesting to note that the way supervisors manage their employees also influences individual performance and productivity. So when a manager is productive and performs well, so do their employees and vice versa.

3. Vision & Strategy

Productivity thrives in an environment where employees are motivated to succeed. Having ‘organisational clarity’ or a clear purpose and vision for the business is one way to make employees feel involved in the direction of the company and inspire them to achieve their goals.

It’s important to value people’s insights and involve them in setting goals for the organisation. It will not only motivate them to be more productive, but also create a culture of innovation that will help your company adapt and grow as products, technology and markets change over time.

4. Technology

While technology is often seen as a distraction, it’s one of the most important ways to enhance office productivity. One study found that office productivity has increased 84 percent over the last four decades, thanks to advancements in digital technology.

Before buying new technology, consider whether it supports your workplace processes and integrates with your existing platforms. And it goes without saying that when it comes to internet speed, faster is better!

5. Downtime

There are plenty of good reasons to make sure your employees take regular breaks throughout the day, including productivity. A study by the University of Illinois found that even a brief interruption is enough to get back on track when you lose focus during a long or difficult task. Letting your mind wander is also a great way to stay productive, as your brain is relaxed and can focus on solving tricky problems. Short breaks also allows your employees to take a step back and evaluate their work, leading to better performance and less burnout over the long term.

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